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⚡️Let's find out more about Nòt Film Fest 2021!⚡️#4

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hello Nòt community! The fourth edition of Nòt Film Fest is about to start in a few days and we're very excited! We can't wait to show you all the surprising events and films that this new edition has in program. You can expect 6 days full of movies, workshops, food, drinks and joy!

So, don't miss this opportunity and come to Nòt Film Fest 2021 to share and spread your love for cinema!

This new post will be the last weekly update to let you enter in the magical world of Nòt before the festival starts.

Today, we will talk about Emilia-Romagna filmmakers and talents and we will show you the brilliant forge of ideas represented by Emilia-Romagna auteurs.

Emilia-Romagna is the land of Federico Fellini and the dreaming setting of Nòt Film Fest since its first edition in 2018!

Every year, the festival is interested in focusing attention on the creative minds of this land where Nòt has its roots and to give them some space.

Let's know more about the projects screened at Nòt 2021 and made by auteurs from Emilia-Romagna!

⚡️Bataclan by Emanuele Aldrovandi⚡️

On August 27th in the "New Italian Auteurs" selection at 6.00 PM, you will be able to watch Bataclan, a short film directed by the italian filmmaker and playwright Emanuele Aldrovandi.

The story tells about a french girl who reports her brother Jamil's involvement in a terrorist attack to the police, but things don't go as she expected. From this point on, the film begins to reflect on fundamentalism and the relationship between authority and immigration.

"What interests me is not making a film in which I say 'terrorism is a horrible thing', but making a film in which I ask myself what the terrorist thinks. What are his drives, what are the reasons that move him, and what are the bad things he sees in us that he wants to destroy us for?, says the director to the italian newspaper "La Repubblica".

His work has already won the Rai Cinema award at Roma Film Festival and the Nastro d'Argento award, one of the most important awards for italian cinema.

The film is acted entirely in French, but the troupe is from Emilia-Romagna and the scenes were shot at the former "OPG" ("Ospedale Psichiatrico Giudiziario", a place of detention for the so-called "insane criminals" during the 1970s) of Reggio Emilia.

Emanuele Aldrovandi is one of the most awarded italian playwrights. He worked with lots of national and international theaters and he is the author of 3 short movies nominated to many festivals (Il progresso, Un tipico nome da bambino povero and Bataclan). He studied dramaturgy at "Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi" in Milan where he later became a playwriting teacher.

⚡️ Check the trailer! ⚡️

⚡️Go Deep by Giacomo De Biase⚡️

Let's continue with a 50-minute documentary directed by Giacomo De Biase, filmmaker and editor who worked on the editing and color grading of Il clan dei ricciai, winner at Nòt Film Fest 2018.

Go Deep (that will be screened on August 28 at 5.00 PM in the "Cinema and Theater come together" selection) documents a workshop held at Cinema Astoria in Rimini (a former cinema that is now closed and dismissed) by the theater company "Motus" from Santarcangelo di Romagna. Motus was born in 1991 as a nomadic, indipendent company who took his provocative and high-impact shows all over the world, in and out of Europe and who won many important awards. Created by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò, the company had performed lots of plays and authors, such as Beckett, De Lillo, Pasolini and Shakespeare's The tempest.

Enrico Casagrande, Daniela Nicolò and Silvia Calderoni in collaboration with the visual artist Andrea Conte (a.k.a Andreco) held this workshop in 2015 for 10 days. The aim of this experience was to go deep (as the title says) and investigate the innermost part of ourselves to deal with our fears and insecurities.

A journey to find out "what moves in the shadows", the creators say. Indeed, the symbol of this unusual journey is the Erinni, mythological creatures that represent the wildest part of our soul, such as this "deadly offspring of the night".

This project was born as an attempt to redevelop forgotten city corners and to create "a permanent center of creation for artistic realities, of production, residence and hospitality, something that Rimini does not have yet", Enrico Casagrande said to Corriere Romagna.

It's essential to create artistic and sharing spaces, to give space to the creativity that feeds our minds and hearts.

It's all for now dearest readers! Thank you for keeping us company this month before the festival start!

Now I just have to say:

⚡️See you at Nòt 2021⚡️

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