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⚡Nòt Film Fest's Logbook-Last Day⚡

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

✨Hi Nòt lovers!

Today is the last day of this edition of Nòt Film Fest! In the challenging times we're living in, an experience like Nòt is a kind of comfort zone, a lovely place to stay together and spread our love for cinema without thinking about anything else!

An unique event in the festivals scene!✨

✨Yesterday our interviews went on: among these, Piper De Palma presented her debut short film, Carmilla and she talked about the experience on the set and how much of her personal background there's in the story✨

Chad Peter (director) and Tommy O' Brien (the leading actor) spoke on Road to Perth, a feature film that premiered yesterday. The two talked on how the idea for the film had changed during a trip in Australia while they were already shooting the movie✨

✨Later, at 5.00 PM lots of people came to Supercinema to watch a selection of short films that preceded the feature film of this line-up, Go Deep.

At the screening Tekla Taidelli (director of Il capitano è fuori a pranzo) said that "cinema gives voice to invisible people", that is the one of main theme of this year selection.✨

✨The day has passed and at 6.00 PM the Sferisterio welcomed lots of people and it came to life thanks to a lot of exciting activities by the cry of: let's connect each other and stay together while enjoying the atmosphere!✨

✨The night went by in the best possible way. The lights came up and the doors of the lounge opened to welcome filmmakers, actors and guests from all over the world. It was created a very stimulating environment of exchange between artists of all kinds.

✨Among the evening's guests who walked the Red Carpet there were Giacomo de Biase, director of Go Deep and the Motus company who held the namesake workshop, and Ludovico di Martino, one of the judges of this Nòt edition✨

✨Now your loyal blog author will suggest you which events you don't have to miss out!✨

✨Today, at 10.00 AM Nòt Film Fest will screen a series of short films in collaboration with other festivals, film foundations and institutions from all over the world!✨

  • Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival (Spain)

  • Busan International Short Film Festival (South Korea)

  • Krakow Film Fest (Poland)

  • Lithuanian Short Film Agency (Lithuania)

  • Finnish Film Foundation (Finland)

  • Poff Short (Estonia)

✨Moreover, at 3.30 PM Nòt renews his partnership with the regional filmmakers and realities, screening a series of short films in collaboration with AMARCORT Film Festival, a festival based in Rimini near to Santarcangelo di Romagna.✨

✨At 4.00 PM Nòt will present a showcase of short films by Norwegian Filmmakers in collaboration with the Norwegian Royal Embassy

✨A large number of collaborations strongly desired by Nòt Film Fest to establish links with other festival realities and with other countries to make Nòt even more international in scope✨

✨At 6.00 PM go to Castle Bar in the magical setting of Sferisterio! Here Nòt will screen a showcase of fashion and music films you could watch while getting relaxed at sunset. Immerse yourselves in the enchanted atmosphere of these stylish and chic fashion and music bombs! ✨

✨Then, don't miss out our last Red Carpet Gala at 8.00 PM!

The doors of our outdoor cinema will bring in spectators, volunteers and guests of Nòt 2021 who will be able to enjoy the film previews from all over the world!

So, whoever you are, choose your best dress and put it on to shine like a real super star!✨

✨Don't forget that tonight we will find out the winners of Nòt Film Fest 2021!

The award ceremony, introduced by Liliana Fiorelli and Niccolò Gentili, will finally reveal the winners of this new edition who will be honored with the Moonwalker Award, the Nòt prize!✨

As in Nòt Film Fest tradition, the festival screenings will end with an horror night that will freak out our spectators!

✨I’ll refresh your memory on what you’ll see at night✨:

🌷HEAVY BAILE by Daniel Venosa

🍀RENT DO by Gavin Michael Booth (present at the screening)

🔥MURDER BURY WIN by Michael Lovan

✨Lastly, don’t run away after the screenings! We have a surprise for you! You can reserve a seat for a nightly live concert at the Castle Bar and enjoy indie music, munching on chips and drinking a lot!✨

If I were you, I wouldn't miss it!😜

For more information about the event, check the link below⬇️✨:

For tickets, check this link⬇️✨:

⚡Thank you guys for following our daily blog and for your support to Nòt Film Fest! You are the core of this festival! ⚡

⚡Hope we'll see all of you next year!⚡

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