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Happy Pride Month! 🍾

It’s June and this means “Pride month”! 🌈

At Not Film Fest we support and celebrate LGBTQ stories through our filmmakers’ indie and bold look; Polly Pocket, Still Wylde and The last queen on earth are just some of the long and short movie we premiered last year and so much is yet to come for next edition!

It’s finally time for queer community to have its own space and voice and the good news is 2021 is a very inclusive year for cinema: just think LGBT representation is coming to the Marvel universe, that will screen the first gay superhero! 💪🏽

But also Tribeca and Cannes have a very inclusive lineup for upcoming editions, in June and July: the NY festival has proudly announced a large number of movies, shorts and documentary LGBTQ; while Cannes will premiere one of the most anticipated movie, Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta and Catherine Corsini's La fracture, centred on a female couple of the verge of a break-up.

Times are changing but we can’t stop fighting: we stand up for LGBTQ rights and fight omophobia one movie at a time!

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