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⚡Nòt Film Fest's Logbook-Day 5⚡

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

✨Hi my loyal readers!

The fourth edition of Nòt Film Fest is coming to the end, but we have another 2 days and I know you don't want to miss anything that will be screened and scheduled in these last days. So I will give you some information on the programme as usual.

Stay tuned to get all the news!✨

✨Our day started with a lot of interviews with our guests and filmmakers: among them, Elisa Possenti, member of this year jury, who is a very promising Italian film writer and filmmaker and who talked about her love for cinema that started since her childhood, watching films when her parents were away from home.✨

✨Another interview has been made with Brian Welsh: he talked about his experience on the set of Black Mirror and about his work on the screenplay of the serie. He said he had never expected the project to become so huge and successful✨

✨At 4.00 PM Peter Baxter presented Unstoppable, a group of short movies on disability made and acted by people with disabilities. He said that "1 person in 7 people has a visible or invisible disability", so the cinema industry has to recognise and to give space to people with disability and not to ignore them.✨

✨The panel at 6.00 PM followed this wake and it talked about inclusivity in films. Francesca Cavallo spoke about the importance of queer representation in the media to make children feel comfortable with their own identity. Taylor O' Miller talked about the need to recognise the bias when they produce abilism and not to think about people with disabilities like something to check boxes with. Marina Cuollo, disabled activist and journalist, told her experience as a person with a disability and her "need of communication" that had led her from a degree in Biology to activism and had taken her to promote the necessity to have more and more stories on marginalized people.✨

✨Unfortunately, it was a rainy day and the cinema at Sferisterio moved inside, into Supercinema. Later, some people went to Castle Bar to get a bit relaxed while drinking something and talking to each other as always!

We hope we'll be more lucky today!

We're waiting for the sun!

✨Today it's another day full of films, workshops and joy!

Your loyal blog author will suggest you which events you don't have to miss out!✨

✨Don't miss out the panel "Genre Films" by Ludovico di Martino, Giada Mazzoleni & Elisa Giardini at 11.00 AM! An open conversation on genre cinema, the opportunities it gives to filmmakers and how it's wrongly considered less valid than auteur cinema✨

✨Then, stay tuned and get ready for the afternoon!✨

✨You don't have to miss out the screenings at 5.00 PM, the "Cinema and Theatre come together" selection, a collection of films that celebrate the encounter between cinema and arts.

I especially want to point out Go Deep by Giacomo De Biase (present at the screening), a doc about a workshop held by Motus, a theatre company native of Santarcangelo di Romagna✨

✨We've talked in depth about Go Deep here⬇️✨

At 6.00 PM I recommend you not to miss the "Queer Stories" selection. A bunch of short films and a feature film about queerness and queer life and stories. At the screeining, you could meet at the screening a group of very promising filmmakers: Thy Tran, director of SummerWinterSummer and Piper De Palma, director of Carmilla

On later afternoon, at 7.00 PM be at "Rom Com Indie Style" screenings! The feature film by Chad Peter (present at the screening), Road to Perth, is a world premiere! The film tells about an unexpected journey by a man, who was rejected by his love interest, on the road to Perth, Australia

✨After watching a selection of very good movies, change location and get relaxed while drinking something! ✨

✨So, go to Castle Bar at Sferisterio, look at the marvellous sunset view and listen to Liliana Fiorelli & Niccolò Gentili! They will talk about comedy, how it's difficult to make people laugh and how to make it!✨

✨At 6.00 PM you can attend the Opening at Castle Bar in the magical setting of Sferisterio! You can taste a lot of delicious food and enjoy lots of drinks by Il Cucinino (restaurant and cafè directly from Santarcangelo di Romagna) & Green Pepper with the DJ set staged by G & Kadesh

✨However, don’t lose precious time by only eating and drinking!

At 8.00 PM the Red Carpet Gala opens up!

The doors of our outdoor cinema will bring in spectators, volunteers and guests of Nòt 2021 who will be able to enjoy the film previews from all over the world!

So, whoever you are, choose your best dress and put it on to shine like a real super star!✨

✨I’ll refresh your memory on what you’ll see at night✨:

🌷HUSKY by Evgenii Bakirov

🍀FERINE by Andrea Corsini (present at the screening)*

🔥MASHA by Anastasiya Palchikova

✨Lastly, don’t run away after the screenings! We have a surprise for you! You can reserve a seat for a nightly live concert at the Castle Bar and enjoy indie music, munching on chips and drinking a lot!✨

If I were you, I wouldn't miss it!😜

For more information about the event, check the link below⬇️✨:

For tickets, check this link⬇️✨:

⚡Catch up soon guys!⚡

*Are you curious to know Nòt 2021 guests? You can meet them at the screenings, but, to make things easier, you can also meet them at Nòt Lounge, an indoor space at Supercinema from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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