🎬🔥All winners of Nòt Film Fest 2021🔥🎬

✨Hi my beloved readers!

I hope you had fun yesterday night and then you recharged your batteries after 6 busy days in the name of fun and great cinema!

Our journey has just finished, however we carry in our hearts the amazing experience that we lived these days and we are very delighted with the community of rebels voices that has been created.

Nòt Film Fest is not only an indie film festival, it's a true life experience nobody could miss as a cinema lover, filmmaker or simply as a curious!✨

✨Yesterday night, we found out the winners of this outstanding festival edition!

Filmmakers, actors and actresses followed one another on stage to receive the Moonwalker Award and to thank the jury and all the Nòt community that supported their work and their dreams✨

✨Here are the winners of Nòt Film Fest 2021✨:

Sandrine Cassidy, Brian Welsh & Marta Gastini
Sandrine Cassidy, Brian Welsh & Marta Gastini, Moonwalker Features jury

💫Moonwalker Features 💫