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Filmmaker spotlight: Gavin M. Booth

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We're shining a the spotlight on Nòt Alumni Gavin Michael Booth the Canadian director of the movie "Last call". Keep reading for the interview!

"Stop reading this and go make your movie. Don't wait"

What was your inspiration in finding the story?

I have an obsession with single take films and music videos. I wanted to make a single take feature but it wasn't until Daved Wilkins (actor/writer) brought the idea of a man's phone call plea for help that I knew I had the right story to tell.

What was your biggest challenge making the movie?

Filming both sides of the split screen in a single take at the exact same time. No hidden cuts. Who does that? Looking back I can't imagine attempting anything like it again.

What did you learn making the movie?

Sometimes it is ok to set aside perfectionism and to let the story and the performances, with all their subtle imperfections, be. It can make for a much more authentic film.

Where can people learn more about the movie?

The film is being released in North America late February on all of the common streaming rental sites. is the website. A Google search will find lots of reading and visual material on the film.

Do you have any advice for other filmmakers? Stop reading this and go make your movie. Don't wait. Don't wait for the right budget, the right timing, the right gear. The right time is now. Go do it. You'll learn tons, you'll meet lots of great people going to festivals and you'll find the courage and inspiration to get excited about your next film.

- Also provide yours, as well as the film, social media handles (IG and FB)

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