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⚡️ Let's find out more about Nòt Film Fest 2021! ⚡️ #2

Blog's weekly news: let’s get a taste of what you will find at Nòt Film Fest 2021!

Less than twenty days separate us from the big opening and we’re making final arrangements to guarantee you a unique and memorable experience.

So, stay tuned and don't miss any of our posts!

If "Rebel up" quotes the motto of this fourth edition of the festival,

as a hymn to take courage, do innovative things and express yourself freely,

"Rebel(le)" gives the title to the Nòt films selection that wants to bring to light

the female voices in the film industry.

Women talking about women. And doing it not through stereotypes, but observing the female universe in its most authentic and complex nuances.

Not by chance the second night of the festival is dedicated to three young female directors, sharing their perspectives to celebrate the girl power on the big screen!

Want to learn more about it? Let's see in detail!

⚡️ A Little Too Much by Martina Scarpelli ⚡️

In the picturesque setting of the Sferisterio Cinema, the night of August 25th will open to the tune of A Little Too Much, the Canadian singer-songwriter Kai’s song, animated by the Italian filmmaker Martina Scarpelli. Measuring herself on her first music video, released in the U.S. in 2020, the director puts words into images, giving life to a hypnotic film – surreal in tones but deeply intimate – which describes women liberation process from social constraints.

How many times do girls hear «You're a little too…» as a cursory critique related to the way they are or express themselves? Not limiting at all the intrinsic polyhedral nature of the female figure, Scarpelli emphasizes and makes it beautiful that "being too much". In close collaboration with artists and animators such as Denis Chapon, Flóra Anna Buda, Heidi Holmeå Christiansen, the director imagines the path of a woman who, by letting herself go, discovers and accepts her true essence, no longer repressed by the way of being that society has always imposed on her. A true celebration of the feminine!

⚡️ Furlough by Phoebe Tonkin ⚡️

On the same night, the Italian premiere of the short film Furlough, marking the directorial debut of the Australian actress and model Phoebe Tonkin. Already known to the general public for her roles in successful TV series such as The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The Affair, she finds herself for the first time behind the camera.

Trying to stage a clearer and more authentic sight of the female adolescence, Tonkin tells the story of two teenage sisters (played by Milly Alcock and Markella Kavenagh) who seem to live pushing, even dangerously, beyond their limits. «There are a lot of very complicated, flawed, messy young women. I wanted to see a representation of that» says the director in an interview for Filmink, declaring her intention to explore the passage from youth to adulthood without any filters. Beyond what seems to be a tale of rebellious adolescence, the director ends up go further appearances to share a meaningful lesson about the fugacity of existence.

⚡️ Highway One by Jaclyn Bethany ⚡️

To conclude "Rebel(le)" line-up, an amazing film experience for all the cinephiles: attend the movie screening in the company of its creator. Actually, the young Emmy-winning director Jaclyn Bethany will be a special guest at Nòt Film Fest to present Highway One European premiere. Challenging herself with her second feature film, Bethany relies on an all-female team to bring to the screen the complexity of women characters. «I wanted to give opportunities to amazing, creative women – all my heads of department were female. Thus, Highway One was born» says to Cinema Femme.

In the background of a New Year's Eve party thrown by a group of millennials in suburban California, the camera follows the awakening of amorous feelings between two girls (played by Aisha Fabienne Ross and Juliette Labelle). By portraying the depths of human relationships from young women point of view, the director develops a metanarrative, suspended on the fragile thread that separates fiction and reality, which involves the viewer and leads him to identify with the main characters. Something that goes beyond a simple LGBTQ+ love story.

⚡Check the trailer!⚡

⚡️ See you next week!⚡️

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