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⚡️ Let's find out more about Nòt Film Fest 2021! ⚡️ #3

It’s Saturday and this only means one thing: weekly update! But today it’s a special one, because… The countdown has just started! Only 10 days left to the opening night!

Finally, after a long wait, on Tuesday 24th of August the indie cinema will return in the dreamy setting of Santarcangelo di Romagna, for six days full of events, screenings

and lots of surprises 🔥

Just as in previous editions, Nòt team renews once again its solid partnership with Slamdance Film Festival, one of America's most important showcases for independent film industry up-and-coming talents. Peter Baxter, its president and co-founder, will attend Nòt Film Fest to present – for the first time in Italy – “Unstoppable”, a special program with the aim of promoting the dialogue about disability through the big screen.

Sharing the idea of a barrier-free cinema, Nòt Film Fest dedicates an entire slot of screenings to support this challenging project. Therefore, in the afternoon of August 27th,

it will be possible to watch a selection of short films from “Unstoppable”, where disabled filmmakers and actors get involved to speak out and express their own point of view.

Twelve titles, including Italian and European premieres.

Not only shorts, but also music videos.

A variety of films to celebrate diversity in all its forms, facing the challenge to represent with no filter everything that does not conform to the “ordinary” way of being.

It’s only by breaking this kind of taboo that physical differences and mental illness can be brought to light and, in a certain sense, normalised.

The show will open to the sparkling rhythm of A$$ Level, a music bomb that marks Alison Becker's directorial debut and aims to interpret life in a wheelchair from a totally new perspective. Next up, many other stories will break down common preconceptions about living with a disability, such as the funny comedy Single (directed by Ashley Eakin), that humorously describes a blind date between a girl born without an arm and a boy with only one hand or the short film titled The Co-Op (by Cameron S. Mitchell), which imagines the unexpected ending of a robbery at a supermarket full of disabled people.

At the end of the screenings, we will continue to reflect on the theme of disability even outside the cinema, with a talk scheduled at the Castlebar to deepen and broaden the debate. “Inclusivity in Film” is the title of this exchange between professionals to explore in depth how does diversity is treated in the modern movie scene. The discussion will focus on the current state and future of disability representation in film and then expand on the topics of gender identity and sexual orientation, ethnicity, age and generations.

The floor will be given to three internationally renowned special guests, coming from the world of cinema and publishing. Alongside “Unstoppable” program manager Taylor O. Miller, Francesca Cavallo and Marina Cuollo will share their reflections. While the former, author of the bestselling Goodnight Stories for Rebel Children, constantly works hard with her publishing company to make children's content more inclusive, the latter fights firsthand through her communication channels against discrimination and prejudices related to physical disability.

Once again, Nòt Film Fest enthusiastically welcomes the most marginal and least heard voices, allowing the spectator's gaze to discover realities still unexplored in mainstream cinema. If storytelling becomes a promoter of more inclusive narratives, then society too will finally open up in this direction, granting everyone the same possibilities and opportunities.

⚡️ Take part with us in this - in front and behind the camera - revolution! ⚡️

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