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It's Finally Oscars Day 🥂✨ Here's everything we know about it!

We've spent roughly a year without movie theaters, and it sure hasn't been easy.

With COVID-19 quarantine restrictions in space, there's been nowhere to go to watch some of Hollywood's greatest productions. Just kidding 😅. Movies are everywhere these days, just not on the big screen, and if you've wanted to catch them, they've almost all been either on TV, or streaming apps, or both.

The 93rd annual Academy Awards, designed to honor the best films released between Jan. 1, 2020 and Feb. 28, 2021, will take place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on April 25.

Los Angeles today is going to be on fire 🔥

With basically all Angelinos vaccinated and the biggest event of the year taking place live, today is going to be an incredible great mess!

Nòt Film Fest team live in Los Angeles and they will keep us posted throughout the Evening, follow our instagram page to live updates

If you love Indie movies but also The Oscars,

don't miss the chance to watch our interview with our friend Doug Roland Here.

His movie " Feeling Through " is nominated for BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM.

🚀🎉🎊 Let's support him!

Keep reading for general informations about the Oscars

The live show, which will be on ABC starting at 8 p.m. ET, was originally supposed to air Feb. 28, but the ceremony was postponed due to COVID-19. The show will also be livestreamed on the ABC app.

For the first time part of the show will be held at L.A.'s Union Station, along with its usual venue of The Dolby Theater, but there aren't a lot of details otherwise. Thanks to the pandemic restrictions, only nominees, their guest and presenters are being permitted to attend, according to an email from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president David Rubin, per USA Today.

Here's your full list of nominees, and a list of surprises and snubs from this year's choices. Some big questions being asked are: Will Riz Ahmed become the first Muslim man to win best actor (for "Sound of Metal")? Will a woman win best director for just the second time at the Oscars (several are nominated)? And what about Anthony Hopkins, from "The Father"? If he wins, he'll be the oldest best actor winner ever. So many superlatives!

This is a shortlist of the films most likely to grab the big awards like best picture, best director, best actor and best actress. Here's where you can find them:

"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" (Netflix)

"Nomadland" (Hulu)

"Sound of Metal" (Amazon Prime)

"Mank" (Netflix)

"One Night in Miami" (Amazon Prime)

"The Trial of the Chicago 7" (Netflix)

"Soul" (Disney+)

The representation and inclusion standards, announced in September 2020, have the aim of providing more awards to a wider selection of worthy recipients. As noted in its news release, the Academy wrote, "The standards are designed to encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the moviegoing audience."

The new rules will not affect any films in the running for the next several years, and only go into effect in 2024. They are meant to create a more diverse selection of individuals on screen and behind the scenes, all the way into the studios and marketing departments. You can read the specifics here.

Films that do not wish to adhere to the Academy's standards are still free to do so, but may not be eligible for the Oscars.

The full list of current rules and eligibility for films is here.

It sure has. For the first time in Oscar history, two men of Asian decent are up for the best actor award at the same time: Steven Yeun ("Minari") and Riz Ahmed ("Sound of Metal"). Ahmed is also the first person of Pakistani descent and the first Muslim to be nominated for best actor.

In addition, Chadwick Boseman, who earned his first Oscar nomination for "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" (and who died in August 2020 at age 43) is just one of eight performers who have earned the Academy Award nomination posthumously, and the only Black actor.

Anthony Hopkins, 83, is now the oldest nominee for best actor ("The Father") and if he wins the prize this year he'll be the oldest acting recipient in any category.

Yuh-Jung Youn, 73, became the first Korean nominated for an acting Oscar, while Viola Davis became the most-nominated Black female actor ever, picking up a fourth nomination for "Ma Rainey's." She's also the only Black woman to earn two best actress nominations.

Chloé Zhao ("Nomadland") is the first Chinese woman and the first woman of color to be nominated for best director.

We expect there will be many more superlatives to mention after April 25!

Thanks to

Have a great day Nòt Community and Enjoy the show!

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